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Chapter in life: Singapore

Sitting in my humidly stuffed dorm on a Saturday afternoon, it’s been one of those days where finals are coming up, and yet I am still contemplating whether to start studying or not. I have no clue what’s going on in my subjects, and frankly, I don’t care. These past 3 months an exchange have been too damn adventurous for me to sit still and regurgitate the implications of systematic risk on a diversified portfolio.

I never would’ve guessed the number of new experiences I’ve gotten up to since touching down in Changi Airport. The life of a lone wolf for the next 5 months was more than just a part of my degree but rather a moment to discover who I really was.

The first thing I realized arriving in Singapore was how efficient everything was in contrast to Australia. From the way, their infrastructure is designed to how their public transportations operate, even through the way people walked and communicated. It was efficiency at its finest. (I could say otherwise for Sydney’s transportation systems)

As the taxi pulled up to Hall 3 within the premises of the University, I peered out in the window and saw a facade of old run-down apartments. Well, I thought it wasn’t going to be a five-star hotel nor would it look like a hell-hole from the exterior but hey I guess I had high expectations for Singapore.

Although the dorms were a bit of a disappointment, I cannot say the same for everything else. The quality and pricing of food were unbelievable. For a guy trying put on some size, I could get a post-workout meal of authentic Hainanese chicken and rice for only $2.80. What is protein powder anymore.

Besides the food being exceptional, the people, the culture, the nightlife and overall dynamics makes this country so invigorating yet comfortable to live in.

It’s been 3 closing to my 4th month here now and I could say that countless trips wouldn’t have turned into priceless memories if it weren’t for the absolute strangers I’ve met and turned into friends.

Singapore is so lively that their numerous activities to do from wakeboarding up in the shores of Punggol to visiting the Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay.


This place is also the perfect vantage point for those who want to travel around South East Asia. In my eyes, it is essentially backpacker heaven. It has given me the time and freedom to travel to Malaysia on the weekends and party at the most exclusive clubs and bars while head over to Bali in recess week and learn how to surf on the shores of Kuta Beach through to catching the most beautiful sunsets in the world sitting on the beach of Gili Trawangan.

So far, it’s safe to say that I’ve found something inside of me that I never would’ve found if it weren’t for exchange.


Kenny Yeung


Bachelor of Medical Science & Business

Nanyang Technological University

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