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Why I chose Tilburg University

I decided to attend Tilburg University after my best friend came back from what he termed the best six months of his life. After looking at the other potential universities offered to law students, the blogs posted on this website and the surveys posted on UTS Blackboard, I soon realised why he had picked Tilburg.

In brief, I found that Tilburg is quite central to the rest of Europe and that the university has many organisations and departments within their uni that provide an amazing and smooth student experience. Also, everybody under the age of 50 speaks English very well. With these expectations set, I can certainly say my Tilburg surpassed them all. Seeing as everyone can identify the location of Tilburg on Google maps and how close it is to ‘everywhere else’, I will go straight to writing about the student experience.
As soon as I arrived to the Academic building I was met with a very well organised system where I could take care of all affairs systematically. I bought my bike, bored an appointment to open a bank account, joined the sports centre and IESN (An International student organisation). TOP week, the introductory (ie. party) week after arrival day was a very fun and memorable experience where there would be activities such as walking tours of the city by day and parties by night. These would be organised by IESN who also organise domestic and international trips, the intro camp and weekly dinners thought the semester.
In terms of daily life, if you live at Verbs (which is a must) you will live on a floor with other international students who you will hang out, party and travel with. On my floor there are people from Mexico, New Zealand, Canada, China, just to name a few. Another aspect of daily life includes riding your bike into town, and to uni, and other areas within Tilburg. It is good fitness and the weather became lovely during the spring, making it a perfect mode of transport around town.
Now some highlights:

TOP week Cantus

A Cantus is basically a huge warehouse fitted with rows upon rows of tables and chairs where you basically sit and sign along to popular songs. Everytime a song finishes, you chug a beer (or wine or water).


All the international students you know and love hanging out in the Dutch countryside. Includes a Cantus and fun activities.

IESN International Trip to Krakow

IESN organise international trips, and this semester they held it in Krakow. It was a great experience, and by that time in the semester, everyone knows eachothers names and you start to form close friendships, so every trip is super fun.


Tilburg was very active for a whole week during Carnival. Everybody dresses up, from babies to the elderly and participates. It is a very colourful affair and the nightlife was amazing

In essence, regarding the social aspect of Tilburg, there is something for everyone, whether you prefer dinners, constant partying, international trips or quiet movie nights with friends, you will find it very accommodating.

Mary-Therese, 11397320

Bachelor of Arts in Communication (Public Communication) Bachelor of Laws

Tilburg University, Netherlands

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