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My ‘Hygge’ Exchange in Denmark!!

Hi UTS Fam,

its been a pleasure to be given an opportunity to write a blog on something that I can’t describe in words. Exchange – when I decided to apply for exchange programme, I was sure that I wanted to go Europe. After evaluating different universities in terms of ranking and reputation, I made up my mind to go on an exchange in Denmark. And I got an admission in Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Though, I didn’t want to leave my home, I was prepared for the exciting times ahead in Europe.

After arriving at Copenhagen Airport, my buddy at CBS picked me up and we were on our way to a dorm. It was very pleasant sunny day with 7° and I started my exchange life by exploring Copenhagen by metro. I was so flabbergasted to see a metro operating without a driver. I arranged all my stuff in a room and went out to enjoy my introduction week. Its a week where I met people from almost every country. It was so welcoming atmosphere at CBS with an exchange crew and local students. During a first week, we had a tight schedule of exploring Copenhagen and visiting famous places in a city. During the visit to places, we had a local person to explain history about the city and how it emerged as a capital of commerce. It was so interesting to learn new words such as ‘Skål’ and ‘Hygge’ which a generally used to cheer up and for the pleasant times.

Visit to Rundetaarn (17th-century tower with an observatory) allowed me to experience the lookout to the city of Copenhagen and Frederiskberg. We all know about a famous picture which clicks in a mind when we hear Copenhagen, the place is called ‘Nyhavn’. During a cold evening on Sunday, CBS crew had organised a Canal tour for all exchange students. I was overjoyed to go on a ferry ride with a cold beer in a hand with bunch of international friends. It was just overwhelming. No tourist or visitor could  ever forget to visit ‘The little Mermaid’, ‘Frederisk’s Church’ and ‘Christianborg Palace’ where Crown prince and princess reside in a giant royal palace. Here are some pictures from Copenhagen sightseeing during the first week.

unnamed (4)unnamed (1)unnamed (2)unnamed (3)

In terms of education at CBS, I could assure its completely different system than what we have in Australia. No matter what you pursue during the semester, it only matters how you perform in final exams. The exam format differs in every aspect. Students need to follow instruction depending on the format of exam such as : Home Assignment, Take away exam, Oral exam or Sit-in exam. Classes range differ as to the description given in subjects. They are shorter in terms of length of the time and preparation period. But overall, it’s a unique learning experience, I could say. CBS has a various amount of facilities to provide to students and staff as well. It has a huge cafeteria where students could enjoy a healthy meal prepared in a CBS kitchen on a daily basis. The food is always on a student discount with a reasonable rate and quality. Various clubs can be joined such as CBS Beer, CBS Wine, CBS Debate, CBS Choir and so on. Most important place not to be forgotten to mention is ‘NEXUS’. It is a café exclusively managed and operated by CBS students’ Association.

If I mention in brief about cultural values and beliefs, Danes are introvert and socially reserved compared to any culture in the world. What I have heard so far: ‘We, danes, don’t talk to strangers’. It will be easier for them to socialise when they have an alcohol in system. As as we all know, Copenhagen is a bike city. They have more bicycles than cars. Everyone including kids and old people, use bike for transportation. If you don’t have a bike if you are living in Copenhagen, you are missing its feel.

To conclude, I would say, Copenhagen is one of the beautiful city I have ever seen so far. I would recommend to stay here for a long period. Europe in general, is a beautiful and cultural continent to explore. So far, it’s been the most amazing experience to live in a foreign country as a student.

Here, I am attaching picture with my friends I met during exam and a picture where I participated in a sustainable fashion show at CBS.

Thank you.

First Name: Harsh

Student ID: 99195277

UTS Course name: Master of Business Administration

Exchange Partner University : Copenhagen Business School (CBS)

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