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La Vida en Mexico

So, I’ve been in Mexico for a little more than 2 months now and I cannot stress how great Mexico specifically Cholula is a great choice for exchange. I’m living in Cholula in a state called Puebla, and to give you a context its a trendy little suburb that could be compared to a mix between Newtown and Surry Hills. It’s full of great restaurants, trendy bars and lots of Mexican culture. So while you are in Mexico, which may feel like quite a daunting place Cholula is a very comfortable, homey place to live.

I’m living in a international student house off campus, I’ve heard some really average reviews of on campus living and most exchange students live off campus anyway. Living in an international house is a great way to make friends, although they are usually 6 – 10 rooms which can become frustrating at times but I think it’s all about the people you live with rather than the house you are living in. Below is my bonita roof top where you can see the world’s largest pyramid, an active volcano and the nicest sunsets!


The roof of my house where we regularly have bonfires

UDLAP is one of the most prestigious private Universities in Mexico, and once you arrive you defiantly understand why. The campus and the facilities are amazing, the campus is a old hacienda, which is a estate so there are all these beautiful old hispanic buildings. The full time load here is 5 subjects, which is quite a lot however the content and expectation is very different. It sort of feels like high school content, there’s a lot more focus on quantity of information rather than the theory and critical thinking style you’ve come to know and love at UTS. I haven’t had one essay as an assessment and I weirdly wish I did, the exam structure is usually multiple choice and short answer, so you really do need to know your content. As for the exchange community, its huge. UDLAP takes around 150-200 international students per semester, and are very supportive of their students.


My Amiga Riley doing our weekly shopping at the Mercado.

Down to the serious stuff, exchange is great and such a exciting opportunity but I think it’s important to acknowledge you’re going to have some bad weeks. Things are going to feel rough sometimes but these times pass and you defiantly realise how lucky you are to experience a country the way exchange allows you to.

I really do recommend Mexico as an exchange destination, and I’m super surprised more UTS students don’t go. Yes, it’s super daunting to select a destination like Mexico, with the language barrier and obvious cultural differences but I would say once you settle in it is honestly the most beautiful place with lovely people, so many travel opportunities and some of the best food.


A city above Mexico City, Called Guanajuato.

Sarah McGrath 99138202 Bachelor of Global Studies

Universidad de las Americas (UDLAP )



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