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Japan is always the first in my bucket list among all the countries that I want to travel. Exchange to Sophia University for one semester is definitely a great opportunity to explore this amazing country.


For me personally, applying for an exchange and student visa is not too much of a trouble, as my exchange officer had gave me plenty of help during the process of application. The main concerns that bother me are to look for a decent accommodation, which train card is the best for students, which sim card suits be better and how to get the best exchange rate!! Because living in TOKYO IS EXPENSIVE.

Sophia University do provide university housing but most of them are located about 40-50 minutes away from the campus. Sophia Soshigaya International House is the most affordable one among all the options.

After taking in several considerations of the price, commuting time and fees, I end up going with the Sakura House near Yoyogikoen Station, which is located strategically in Shibuya-ku. The price is slightly cheaper and close to many attractions, despite that I have to share the room with another person.

I will be heading to Japan tomorrow. At this point I am not able to provide any further helpful tips . In my following blogposts, I will be giving more information of how to get around in Tokyo through my #Gaijinlife blog!

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

Written by,

Jieyee Long – 11361868

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering, with Diploma in Engineering Practice

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