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Copenhagen, Not just the happiest place in the world.

Copenhagen, a city known for many things, spectacular architecture, wonderful history, cheap(er) beer and the famous biking Vikings. And I can tell you it’s all true and much much more.  Copenhagen is a city overflowing with culture. The city itself feels close-nit and dense with especially during nice summer days where everyone congregates by their nearest body of water.  The canals, rivers and beaches that have influenced the history and architecture of the city.

The other half of Copenhagen is the people. Many say they are the politest and happiest people in the world and they are not wrong. All Danes have excellent English from your next door neighbor to the sweet old lady in the super market who asks you to pass them the butter from the top shelf.  However the Danes do also fit some of the other stereotypes, they will all tell you that they are Vikings, they all love to drink and, unless influenced by the prior stereotypes, they can be surprisingly hard to get to know as they keep to themselves.  Although once you get to know them, they are some of the most entertaining people, with a wonderful sense of humor and interest in understanding other cultures as well as sharing their own.

Obviously I am here to study so I must talk about the Uni life. I am studying IT and electives at the University of Copenhagen and the main difference from university at home is the teaching style.  Classes here are more focused around group discussions and group learning with goals of lessons more loosely defined than those of the subjects I have done at home. Attendance is also considered, and is, crucial as much of what you learn is during these discussions.

Outside of class there are countless social activities organised from swing dancing to volley ball comps to all sorts of social events. In the two months I have been here there has been a social event almost every night.  By far the most Danish of these is the Friday bar Where every campus opens a small (and very cheap bar) and students and teachers alike socialize in a casual setting on a Friday afternoon.

Copenhagen is a wonderful city and an excellent university. I could not recommend exchange enough to anyone, this has been the best experience of my life and its not even half done yet!

Oliver Horlyck
Bachelor Of Information Technology

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