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Hej Lund!

Settling into Lund was a breeze, people of all ages speak fluent English and are quite friendly and eager to help you out. The town itself was founded in 1020 and is adorable with colourful architecture and cobbled streets being in the centre and student housing surrounding it. Virtually no one has a car so the entire town is littered with bicycles, there aren’t many hills so it is no sweat to bicycle everywhere. Just make sure you purchase a good bicycle, this is imperative. It is summer right now so everything is lush and every 100 metres is a blooming apple tree, making for great snacks.

The location of Lund in my opinion is perfect for me, it is a little town so quite a difference to living in the centre of Sydney but an experience for me! It is an easy ten min train to Sweden’s third largest city Malmo which has a great night life. Copenhagen is also close being fifty minutes by train and has even better nightlife and an international airport with airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet flying regularly to all across Europe.

But what makes Lund more appealing than other universities is the uniqueness of the student town, half of the population are students and most local students have moved from other parts of Sweden to live here. The university system is also different in that your schedule is different each week, making it almost un heard of for local students to have part-time jobs so this creates a strong student life culture. The university puts a significant amount of effort into making your student life as brilliant as possible. There is constantly an unlimited amount of events to participate in, from sporting teams, lectures about world issues, charity work, permaculture courses, language cafes, festivals of all kinds, sittnings (traditional Swedish dinner parties) and so much more. You are first initiated into Lund with mentor groups that organise a variety of things but mainly this involves meeting up for drinks, they will also assist you with everything you need. There are numerous dorm parties all around Lund and it very easy to make friends in your student housing complex. On top of all these things there is also a fraternity like system in Lund called nations, the nations are large, welcoming social clubs forming the heart of students’ extracurricular life in Lund.  You can join any one you would like and help out behind the bar or in the kitchen. The nations organise heaps of different events as well including gigs, all you can eat brunch’s on Sundays for only $7.5 AUD, their own sittnings and heaps more.

In terms of pricing comparisons, it is almost the exact same to Australian pricing and if you ever want to have a cheap four or five days you can jet off to anywhere in Eastern Europe for an incredibly inexpensive holiday.

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