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Exploring Copenhagen

While I have only been in Copenhagen for two weeks, it doesn’t take long for this city to feel like home. I arrived here after travelling through Spain and Portugal, feeling slightly nervous but very keen to get started.

Arriving in summer has been a bonus as all the locals are out and about making the most of the beautiful weather. There are outdoor markets, parks, places to swim and lots of cafes and restaurants – all of which is easily accessible by bike.


I am studying at University of Copenhagen and they had an orientation week for all new international law students which was a great opportunity to meet people and get my bearings. Each day there were city tours, university tours, games and we even went to a boutique Danish law firm! The great thing about the orientation week was that everyone was in the same boat – having just arrived in a foreign country and keen to make friends. (Although it was amusing speaking to people from Belgium or Scotland who only had to take a 1.5hr flight to get here! They couldn’t believe how far we’d had to come!)


As most people already know, bikes are everywhere in Copenhagen! It’s the easiest way to get around because transport, though very efficient, can be quite expensive. Most students use Facebook groups to buy them or hire them for the semester. Either way, it’s a must!


We started university classes this week which has been really interesting. The classes are a mix of Danish Masters students and international students and the teachers are from all over as well, making for some great discussions. I have been told that the learning style is quite self-motivated, so attendance is not taken, there aren’t many contact hours and teachers just expect you to keep on top of your work. I am studying three subjects: Law and Literature, Health and Human Rights and Criminological Theory.


I feel really lucky to be here and I’m looking forward to getting to know this great city even better over the semester!

Laura Wood


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