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Lund, Sweden

After two and half months travelling in Europe and about 20 countries later, I arrived in Lund. If it weren’t for the 40000 or so students, Lund would resemble one big retirement village. But that is part of its charm, it’s got a relaxed atmosphere with plenty of green. There is a nice little city centre though and the many bike paths make it perfect to cruise around town. Buy a bike as early as possible!

Lund is great because there’s so many students and everyone is so open and friendly, and of course willing to have fun. There’s always events on in the first few weeks so, and then there are gatherings in ‘corridors’ or ‘corridor parties’ which is where most students live. I’m in a corridor room in Delphi which in my opinion seems to be one of the best student accommodations. I am living around Swedes mostly which is nice to get to know them and practice some Swedish with them, because for the most part you will meet more exchange students early in the semester.

Another thing that’s great about Lund is how close it is to the big airport in Copenhagen, which gives access to cheap flights all around Europe! I’m currently writing while flying to Florence and today is the day after classes officially began! So it’s a decent base to travel around in Europe. Tuscany by the way looks great from above!

So far I have only begun Swedish language courses but they have been relatively good! The ‘crash course’ in Swedish was all lecture form but engaging enough and the ‘full subject’ course is smaller classes for about 2.5 hours which I think is perfect. Since arriving I’ve also been playing football/basketball, tried yoga and salsa and biked a couple times to the beach – it’s only 40 minutes away and not too bad of a beach! I’m looking forward to experience Lund as it gets colder and darker here (mostly) and hopefully it will snow later in the year!

Alexander Eagleton, Bachelor of Business, 12006920

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