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7 Days Until Nantes – France

One week to go and two random emotional breakdown later I now recognise the fact that I am leaving for exchange. When I started planning my exchange a year ago, the day I leave seemed to be a 100 years away. Now the day is approaching, now I actually have to pack my bags and now I actually have to open up that French dictionary I purchased months ago! It feels liberating but equally terrifying to be moving out from the familiarity of home. I will definitely miss enjoying a home-cooked food with my inseparable family. I can’t stress how hard this is for me emotionally, physically and financially. Fortunately I am a thrill seeker and chaser of dreams and just thinking about the culture, the people, the food and the history I am about to experience makes all my hard work worth it.

I have 2 weeks to explore the area before I become a part of the International class for Product Design. First 3 days will be in Paris, it has become my mission to mark all the tourist spots with my existence. I will then settle down two hours away from Paris in my temporary home for 5 months in Nantes. Before class starts on the 28th of September I am scheduled to fly to the French Riviera to chase the remaining summer of France and get that last minute European glow! So far, those are the only trips due on my travel journal, but I am definitely travelling out of borders and ticking my top three cities to visit ( Prague, Venice, Madrid). I’m sure there are about 100 more cities worth visiting but for a student on a budget these three cities will do for now.

If you have been around Europe and came across this post please tell me your favourite city! I would love to check it out. I can’t wait to see this piece of Earth and share my experience! Until my next post, Au Revoir!


Sarah Sunglao, 12009433, DAB

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