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Zurich -More than lakes

To many Zurich is not an exchange destination that springs to the mind when thrown the task of choosing where to go. So far I can only say that is an honest shame. Zurich, a city with lakes as clear as the Maldives, streets built by Roman cobblestones and air freshened by the alps, is most certainly looking a fine choice of exchange. The city lives for the idea of perfection, aesthetically and intellectually. Four hundred year old buildings have been excellently maintained (nor will they ever be replaced by 50 story apartment blocks), whilst trains will not be a minute late.



Culture is clearly very important to the Swiss.


In terms of actual living, I’ve been send by the university towards the outskirts of the city (only 20 minutes by train) however it’s been fantastic. Sharing an apartment with 9 others has been great to meet people from all around the world. Nearly every night there will be someone out on the balcony eating or drinking, meaning there is always company. In fact, since arriving it has been mad (in a good sense). It has not yet been a week but I probabaly have not had more than one hour to do nothing. Whether I have been exploring town or meeting others at the intensive German course, it’s been wonderful. It’s an entirely new way of living here in the student accommodation which I’m sure most people would find for the best. Entertainment is endless and the entertainment is perpetual. What is more, Switzerland lies in the heart of Europe. One hour north is Germany, three hours south Italy, two hours west France. Looks as though I won’t be have any spare time for a while yet! Not the mention that in town you can see all the Swiss alps in the distance. For anyone who loves skiing this must be all you could wish for. Smaller mountains also surround Zurich, meaning within 15 minutes of walking you can find yourself in deep forest and overlooking the whole town. I am really looking forward with what is to come and I can only recommend that others pursue an exchange when it is on offer!


Ira Brenner, 11995610, Sport and Exercise Management


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