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The University of Where?

My journey to Canada started a few years ago with a dream to one-day return to the USA, a country I once called my home. Time passed with no magical trip back to the other side of the world, much to my disappointment. Then one day a seed was planted in my head at a friends’ birthday party – why not go on university exchange?

So after endless hours of paperwork, forms, tears and research, the seeded idea took me to a small city in the Canadian Prairies that few have heard of. But before arriving in Regina, Saskatchewan, I took the time to explore some of what eastern Canada had to offer.

After 29 hours of travelling, I finally touched down in Toronto (the first of three cities I would visit).  I enjoyed visiting the Royal Ontario Museum, taking the bus tour of the city, shopping at the St Lawrence Markets and taking a day trip to Niagara Falls.

Toronto skyline from Centre Island
Niagara Falls (looking to the American Side)

Montreal was the second city in my small, pre-university adventure. After doing some of the more tourist-y things in Toronto, some more off-the-beaten-track adventures were needed. My days were spent wandering around Old Montreal, the Olympic Park and Saint Joseph’s Oratory, along with enjoying many amazing restaurants and cafes that are scattered all across the city.

St Joseph’s Oratory (as seen from the bottom of the stairs)

Ottawa has a history similar to Canberra: set up only because two other cities kept fighting over who would be the capital. At night, the lawns of Parliament Hill are filled with people and picnic blankets to watch the light display on the buildings highlights Canada’s history.

Lights display at Parliament Hill

Whilst staying in the Ottawa Jail Hostel (apparently one of the most haunted buildings in Canada), the new friends I made and I went out exploring for the best ice cream and gelato places the city had to offer.

Ottawa Jail Hostel
Hands down the best ice cream in Ottawa

After a few weeks of traveling I’ve finally settled down into my residence and am looking forward to starting classes at the University of Regina!

View from my on campus residence

Olivia Brunton 12006021 Science

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