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Ljubljana, Slovenia the little capital

Hi all, so after travelling all throughout Europe over the last 6 weeks I arrived in Ljubljana Slovenia a week ago today. University doesn’t start for another couple of weeks but I decided to come here early to find housing and potentially travel around a few of the countries that being in central Europe allows you to travel.

Ljubljana is only a small city especially for a capital with around 300,000 people (though the entire country only has about 2 million) however it is one of the most unique city’s I have been to on my travels with every area having something different. I have been spending most of my time around the old city surrounding the canal with all the bridges and cheap drinks. I decided not to do the Slovenian language course as I had been planning to travel more however I have already met lots of people on exchange here doing the course and it seems to be a great way to meet people and learn a little Slovenian (which is very hard).

IMG_1227.jpgThe faculty of economics have their own area here and everyone gets aΒ buddy that helps with any little or big questions (mine is mostly dealing with my housing questions now) and they apparently organise the orientation and events for exchange students throughout the semester.Β IMG_1237.jpg

I am currently enjoying the beautiful weather we have been having here and plan on visiting all the many different areas such a small country has (from the Italian style coast to the forests, lakes, caves and mountains) as I know in not too long it will start getting very cold, however with Slovenia being so small this means I get to look forward to ski resorts in the alps which are not too far away.

IMG_1206.jpgIf you are like me you probably had barely heard of Slovenia in the past and maybe had even mistaken it for Slovakia (don’t tell the Slovenians) but it is a little country in central Europe bordered by Italy, Croatia, Austria and Hungary with it’s own unique history, food, sites and culture that are worth visiting and learning about or staying and doing your exchange here.

IMG_1240.jpgAndrew Johnston 12035895 Business

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