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Well hello there Copenhagen!

Having spent a month traveling in Israel , I arrived in Copenhagen uncertain as to what my time here would be like. While the expectations for your experience during exchange are high, to actually arrive and be immersed in your new home is nothing I ever could of imagined.
Having been in Copenhagen for 9 days now, time has gone by extremely fast and I feel like I have already started growing as person. As I am on exchange here alone how you meet new friends, keep your room maintained, cook your meals, manage your budget and engage in university activities is all up to you! At times it can feel confronting having to take the initiative to achieve your own goals on exchange but it is an enriching feeling to have your own freedom. Copenhagen is a picturesque city filled with bike lanes, boutique cafes, canals and historical architecture – all within reach on your bike. In terms of budgeting, eating out in Copenhagen is expensive, however, it is extremely affordable to purchase your groceries and cook your own meals as there are endless supermarkets. The university itself – Copenhagen Business School is an excellent academic institution with state of the art university facilities and a range of social activities. I am excited to start my courses here especially the subject ‘the science of mindfulness’ who would know that it is an actual university subject and it really epitomises the courses on offer at the Copenhagen Business School.  In terms of my accommodation I was lucky enough to receive a dorm room in Porcelænshaven, which is near the city centre and close to all of CBS’s university campuses – CBS is like UTS in the sense that it is a city campus. As a piece of advice, if you are thinking about going to Copenhagen on exchange start looking for accommodation early as even Danish struggle to find a place to stay and be ready to pay a large sum of money. However, if you are lucky to find a place to stay, Copenhagen as a city is well worth it!

By Solomon Rachamim, 11995279, Business

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