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Travels & Wiener Schnitty

The past 2 months for me have been an absolute whirlwind, I’ve made so many new mates and have so many beds to crash in all around the world if I ever need it. I arrived in London on July 5 and have not stopped since then. In my travels I have been teargassed in the Euro’s final under the Eiffel tower, been only an hour earlier than the horrific incident in Nice.
Since then I have eaten amazing Pasta and Pizza throughout Italy, floated down a river in Munich and drunk beer in the second largest beer hall in the world, seen and experienced the sights of Amsterdam and gone out in the party capital of the world in Berlin. I’ve flown to Croatia and sailed around to the islands with a crew I’ll never forget and slept in a tent for a week at the biggest festival in the world in Budapest – Sziget. I’ve drunk litersย of Sangria in Barcelona and been to the world’s biggest food fight – La Tomatina – in Bunol, Spain. Finally after all of these travels I have arrived in Vienna, down a few thousand brain cells and with a no longer functioning liver, ready to start what will definitely be an amazing semester abroad.

I arrived in Vienna (Wien) only 3 days ago after spending nights in hostels or camping and surviving of minimal sleep. At this point I was ready to have my own bed and start recovering. However, after arriving I was locked out of my apartment within the first few hours for the entire weekend as the accommodation office was closed. This city is amazing and the people here are incredibly nice, I was able to stay in a room and made so many friends that are both accommodating and helpful that I will become even closer with over my next few months here. I haven’t even started to experience all the nooks and crannies of Wien, but in no time I will be able to experience all that this city has to offer. Vienna is so close to so many parts of Europe I have not even thought about going to and I plan to make the most of my accessibility to other countries. As summer draws to a close here, I’m thrilled to see what Autumn will be like and can’t wait for the Austrian Winter and the markets that pop up all over the city as Christmas nears. Over my past few months I have experienced so much that Europe has to offer and will continue to do so, as every weekend I have a 4 day weekend.


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