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Madrid is a very vibrant city brimming with life, art and great food! I have been quick to take to the laid back nature of the Spaniards. My first two wonderful weeks in Madrid have consisted of siesta-infused days and strolls through lively warm summer nights that somewhat by their own volition end up in tapas bars. It is perhaps why it is only just now on the last little bit of the last weekend before classes starts that I have found and moved into my apartment. While I must warn against leaving such an important part of the exchange organisation so last minute, I have been able to get a good feel of what part of the city I would like to live in and have been lucky enough to find a place exactly there. From my very first hour in this city I have been meeting the loveliest of people and have been trying to practice my Spanish whenever possible. Perhaps the most exciting experience so far is how quickly my Spanish is improving and how much more comfortable I am getting at speaking it. I hope this continues to be the case.


I attended my orientation last Friday at Universidad Carlos III Madrid and can already tell this is going to be an incredible semester! I have opted to live in the city center and commute to university, which appears to be common amongst many of the students that I met at the welcome day. I look forward to attending my first class this coming Wednesday and beginning to settle into the semester. I am hoping I will be able to balance out my studies well with enough time to keep exploring the city and the rest of Spain. With a weakness for hip cafes, fresh food markets, and the scatter of green with parks throughout the city (perfect for siestas!) even the day to day feels like I am indulging. I highly recommend Madrid as an exchange destination. The big city feel is balanced beautifully with the chill lifestyle.


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