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Unfortunately I haven’t started my exchange just yet, nevertheless, there’s still things I’ve taken notice of being here for almost a week.

Paris is a really wonderful city, and if you can ignore the all too common dog turd on the ground (picking up your dog’s poop doesn’t seem to be thing here), it really does look like what’s shown in the movies.   I’ve been to Paris before in 2009, and yet I was still in awe when I arrived, realising that I’m going to be living here for the next four months.


Paris is certainly different, and there’s many things about this city that we just can’t find or replicate at home in Sydney.

  • First of all, the food.  I’m not going to be one of those people that says the food is the most AMMAAAZZZINGGG thing you’ve ever have the pleasure of putting in your mouth,  but there really is such an abundance of affordable, really tasty, satisfying meals.  Every corner you turn, theres something to eat.


  • Fashun AF ppl:  Everyone here is very chic, very good looking, in a very effortless way.  There’s something about the French, perhaps its the “je ne sais quoi”.  If you’re not distracted by the constant dog poop on the ground, you’ll see a lot of people who are VERY nice to look at, men and women.
  • The metro: The metro is one of the most amazing public transport systems you will ever have the pleasure of using in your life.  I’m really not exaggerating.  If you live near a Sydney Station where trains only come every 15 – 20 minutes,  Paris is heavenly bliss.  Trains come every 2 or 3 minutes, so you’re never waiting for anything, and all the different lines are very well connected.  mjh

Despite how much I love Paris, I will say that the first day I arrived back into Paris I felt very out of place.  When I came here two weeks ago, I was with a friend, and I was here as a tourist, and i was completely comfortable with that.  But returning from my travels in Europe, and coming here alone as a student about to start exchange, I can’t quite describe it, but it felt very different.  When I walked down the street, it wasn’t a “ohhh, ahh” look at this and that kind of thing like it was before, but more of me consciously observing my surroundings and taking note of where I actually was, and what I had to adapt to.  It wasn’t necessarily a bad experience, just a little unnerving because its something I haven’t felt before.  However I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one who’s felt this way.

But its ok, because I stuffed myself  with croissants, bread and cheese and that’s all gone away 🙂


Tam Chau Thanh Nguyen, 11980707, Business

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