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Reims – France

Bonjour from Reims

After 36 hours in transit, I eventually arrived at my final destination. Although I will be studying at the Paris School of Business, I will be living with my girlfriend in Reims (which is a city in the Champagne Region, 45 mins from Paris). During the semester, I will commute between cities via the TGV, which can reach 300KM per hour.

Reims provides a rich cultural experience, with boulangeries on every corner full of french specialties. They also speak far less English than in Paris, which I am hoping will enable me to pick up the language much quicker.

Although I am excited to start my university semester, my girlfriend and I are looking to use the next 6 months as an opportunity to travel throughout Europe, and make the most of our central location.

It has been surprisingly hot in Reims. For the 3 days I have been here, every day has been 35 degrees plus.

I am really excited to start semester in the next week or so. The subjects I have enrolled for are:

1. French Beginner
2. Communication Skills
3. Intercultural communication
4. International Relations
5. Sociology
These are all areas which I aim to improve in. I particularly want to be able to speak French by the time I come back to Australia. I will be able to confirm my timetable over the next couple of weeks and from there, I will be able to determine how much travel I will be able to fit in. I really hope my timetable can be as condensed as possible so I will be able to travel as much as possible within Europe and experience as many different people and cultures.
So far, I have been astounded about how well everyone presents themselves here. It has forced me to lift my game lol.
I am so glad I made the decision to come here. Looking forward to the next 7 months!

Dominic Sullivan, 12047561, Business

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-26 at 02.52.29
First night back. Had some people over

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