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TU Berlin Pre-Arrival Expectations

Upon discovering earlier this year that I had been accepted into TU Berlin, I was absolutely thrilled by the prospect of returning to a city where I hold so many fond memories from two brief holidays; one being last year and one 3 years before that.

I chose TU Berlin purely based on the short time I have spent in the city and the desire to further explore and uncover what I had remembered to be such an immense and dynamic place. 

Due to the semester not officially beginning until the 1st of October and the pre-semester optional German classes not starting until the 7th of September, I have not yet arrived in Berlin. The preliminary German classes are both free and optional and the exchange office has stated that these classes are purely for exchange students which I believe will be a great way to meet people who are also new to TU. The university has recently sent out a calendar with dates to pre-semester meet ups and events which seem to be really well organised.

TU has made it very clear on how and where to enrol and has also provided various options on how to find accommodation. Whilst I don’t plan on staying in the designated student accommodation because of how far most of the options are from the Architecture campus, I have found some difficulty in securing a room in a flat share via correspondence. In saying this, I have no worry that once arrive in Berlin on the 1st of September, it will be a lot easier and straightforward to contact potential flatmates as I will have a German contact number and will be able to meet up in person. For the past week, I have been emailing in response to flat share ads on ‘WG’ which has proven to be unsuccessful. The university did warn students that we may need to send multiple applications for ads on ‘WG, especially if we are not in the Berlin yet. 

I will post again once the semester has started and I’m in the swing of things! 

Michael Carbone, 11224058, Masters of Architecture


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