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KMUTT Winter Short Program

Swaggering off from those late night studies for exams, i left for Thailand with two friends Mia and Jasmin on the 2nd of July as part of the KMUTT program in Bangkok, Thailand. I took part in the program on two reasons, one is to refresh my mind from the stress of exams and to study new things, and the second reason is to escape the wind of winter in Sydney.

Bangkok was really hot. The tropical weather with high air humidity was so much different from the cold low degree in Sydney. We were greeted with a warm welcome from many Thai students whom did speak English with us, which make us feel so much more comfortable and familiar with. They were very nice, funny and energetic and helped us so much with the language barrier.

Our programs were splitted evenly with Lectures and Cultural/Outdoor activities. These includes:


  • There were 4 lectures which was heavily based on Physical Sciences such as Thermoelectric, Nanotechnology or Nanoscale and etc…..  I found these lectures unfamiliar with since in Australia our contents are more based on Biological sciences however i did find these topics interesting and with first hand experiments , i found it so much easier to relate the knowledges i gained from these topic in life.
  • One workshop on how to make a fermented desert via using different science techniques. This class was really and interesting as we got to use yeast to make the desert. This workshops provided me a lot of understanding about many different biological processes about these bacterias.
  • Thai culture class: fun and enjoyable, where we were able to learn basic Thai and basic culture.

Cultural/Outdoor activities:

  • Muay Thai class: an exciting activity , and a lot of sweats. this activity was run by one Muay Thai champion, where both girls and boys both had a go at the basics of the traditional Thai martial arts
  • Field trip to the Grand Palace and Museum: wasn’t my best experience due to the extreme weather, although the architecture of the Grand Palace, the temples and the museum were worth to be gazed at 🙂 .
  • All Green Learning Centre: my favourite activity in this program. we got to experience first hand on different Thai traditional activities such as dyeing, making bricks, solar panels studies, filtrating using natural processes. Even better, we got to sleep in a house that was made up off many different type of materials and were able to enjoy the nature .
  • Elephants Park visit: was an exciting opportunity to see and touch these elephants and learn more about them.
  • Factory Visit: arguably most of the second most interesting activity in my opinion. The wine factory was fun, but the Fish Import and Export factory was very exciting. We got to walk through every production lines of the product and was able to understand how the packaging work.

It was a very exciting program. Although the weather was not on our side most of the time we did have a lot of fun .

Gia Khai Nguyen

Global Short Programs Student

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