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Sydney to Seoul

Now only with a little more than a month left of my stay in Seoul, I thought I’d share the little wisdom I’ve gained while on exchange at Yonsei University.

Firstly, I recommend you to download two apps.

  1. The naver map : this app will help you to easily get around Seoul, although the app is a little confusing at first (gps, public transport etc).
  2. The Yogiyo app : app for food delivery, you can see the restaurants offering delivery around your area and can easily click & deliver your food through the app.

Currently I am staying at Sk Global House and the dorm is pretty far away from the main gate (approx. 20 min walk), so I suggest coming in through the East gate or if via public transport, stopping at the Ewha University back-gate stop instead of the Severance hospital stop is probably much more convenient.


Sk Global House dorm offers a few places to eat on level B2, a few cafes and a 24 hr convenience store. But the food is pretty limited and the convenience store is pretty small but there are a other stores (Standby Kitchen, Japanese restaurant, Korean restaruant, Lord Sandwich, Paris Baguette…) and 2 more convenience stores right outside the dorm so check them out too. There is also a shared kitchen on B3 so you can always cook your own meals.There are shelves and fridges available to store your utensils and ingredients.




With all the cheap eats, street food stands and late night deliveries, I did end up getting sick in the first few weeks of exchange. So here are some medical/emergency information if you get sick or end up overeating like me.

  • Seoul Global Centre :
    -24 hr medical referral
    – english speaking staff
    – tel : 010-4769-8212/010-8750-8212
  • Severance Hospital
    – minutes away from SK Global House/International House
    – centre hours : 8:30-17:30 (weekdays) , 8:30-12:30pm (Saturday)
    – 24 hr emergency no. : 010-9948-0983 (doctor), 010-9948-0982 (administrator)
  • National Emergency Management Agency
    – dial 119 ( fire brigade & ambulance service)
    – english speaking operators are available

There are many museums and exhibitions to check out in Korea. I got to go to the War Memorial Museum and Namsan tower through the Seoul city tours offered by Yonsei University so be sure to sign up if they are offered.And ofcourse, if you like K-pop make sure to keep an eye out for concerts and events.



Overall, as much as I am excited to return home to Sydney,my time in Seoul has been lovely, filled with food, food, food and meeting people from around the globe and experiencing what it is like to live alone. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have!

Esther Cha, 12000093, DAB

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