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My Bordeaux Adventure

I arrived in Bordeaux at the beginning of January filled with excitement and anticipation for my upcoming semester abroad. Thanks to the student run organisation for international students, Melting Potes, I was able to meet most of my fellow exchange peers within the first few days and nights.

Bordeaux, (often referred to as Paris’ younger, more humble sister) is located in the South
West of France and is most famous for its wine culture. In 2007, the city was classified as a UNESCO world heritage site, allowing visitors to capture the true essence of Bordeaux architecture without being modernised. The first day I wandered passed hundreds of limestone building, weaving in and out of café and wine bar filled lanes taking in all there is to see in this wonderful city.

Some say that the French are somewhat standoffish to foreigners, especially to those who 12507451_10205281925437292_253817339582795964_ndo not speak their native language. This stereotype was definitely not the case for me, as I have found that my closest friends are those who I met from my local cafe and at university.

The teaching style is quite different and the workload is manageable, which enabled me to immerse myself in the culture of the country and travel elsewhere. The subjects generally require a large piece of group work and a final exam that takes place at the end of semester, similar to UTS. .


Throughout the semester I have had the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam, Paris, Budapest, Lyon, Cinque Terre, Milan, Rome and a few small French villages.

12072557_10156831945075515_9069704222651258581_nI could not have asked for a better city to call home for 6 months. My overall experience has been unforgettable and I would recommend exchange to everyone.

Hannah Fitzpatrick, 12147233, Business

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