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Irish you were here

Dublin. A city with a bit of everything for everyone. I have spent an incredible 4 months exploring the good, the bad and the ugly of Dublin (and the rest of Ireland) while studying here at Dublin City University. I came to Ireland looking for the country out of ‘P.S. I Love You‘ and ‘Leap Year‘ and found it, and so much more. Doing global exchange with UTS has been a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I will always remember and wish that I could do over and over again!

Exchange friends

During my time here I explored Dublin’s history and culture. The Book of Kells, Trinity library, Kilmainham Goal, Oscar Wilde, Dublina, and many old churches. The history of Ireland is extensive and very interesting. I could have stayed for another year and still not learnt as much as I would like to about it!


I experienced the legendary Irish nightlife. Street-buskers, Coppers, pub hopping, temple bar, Guinness, Whelan’s, Trad music, and a whole lot of craic.


I went all out on the infamous St Paddy’s Day. Parades, costumes, partying, dancing, and lots more craic.


Also this year was the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising and so Easter Weekend was packed with city-wide events. The music here is phenomenal


I also had the opportunity to explore the rest of Ireland and Northern Ireland visiting Galway, Cliffs of Moher, Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, The Burren, Connemara National Park, Wicklow Mountains, Cork, Dingle and many other beautiful parts of this beautiful country.


Some how I have managed to study some really interesting subjects in amongst all my adventures and meet lots of new people at DCU (Dublin City University). DCU is a bus ride from the city but right near the Botanic Gardens and they hold lots of social events and bar nights. I would highly recommend coming to Ireland on Global Exchange if you have the chance. If my words don’t convince you, maybe my videos will!

We had a fantastic tour of the city put on by DCU and then set off to explore ourselves!Check out the amazing time I had getting to know Dublin…

If you want to see what the rest of Ireland and Northern Ireland is like, check these out:


Madeleine Noble, 11692050, FASS







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