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Berlin for the Win!

When people think of the major cities of the world in terms of economy, tourism and nightlife Berlin doesn’t usually appear high on the list.

Maybe that’s a good thing.

I had no idea what to expect about Berlin – it wasn’t on my radar initially but after seeking advice from friends and family about where to do my exchange trip I have to say that I made the right choice without doubt.

One thing about Berlin that stood out as soon as I arrived were the amount of kebab shops scattered around the city – they are literally everywhere. And these aren’t just your average kebab. They are some of the best I’ve ever eaten and for €3 you really can’t go wrong. Back in Sydney I love eating out but coming to Berlin has taken my love to a whole new level!

The other major highlight of Berlin so far has been the incredibly vibrant culture and nightlife. From the outdoor “open air” events to the amazing bars and clubs (especially around Kreuzberg and Warschauer Strasse), Berlin has yet to disappoint in this category – after all, it is known as the party capital of Europe.


May Day Open Air Festival in Görlitzer Park, Kreuzberg

I think the best thing about exchange, however, is the friends you make. I knew this exchange trip would involve meeting new people and making new friends but I just had no idea how rapidly this would occur and to what scale. I’ve become friends with people from all corners of the globe and it has been a real eye-opening experience getting to know their different backgrounds and cultures. To say I have friends from Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Mexico, United States just to name a few is quite a pleasant feeling now that I reflect on it. I really can’t think of a better way to make international friends than doing exchange.

Berlin is undoubtedly an amazing city with so much culture and liveliness that makes it hard to match. If you’re thinking of a European city to live in for a semester or two, Berlin needs to be on the top of your list!


Cameron Sharifi


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