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Arkikid in Aarhus

First night out in Denmark, KB18!

Denmark. My first bite of Europe has been sweet, a little crunchy and oh so nutritious. This country is hard to describe. Perhaps this is because the Danish lifestyle is so well reasoned and easy to adopt, that the fascinations have become so customary. I’ve indulged in hygge, drank more beer than ever before in my life and my bike has almost become an extension of myself.

This is the result of seeing it snow for the first time. Yes they are all my footprints.


Arkitekskolen Aarhus. I admire this school as much as I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to be a part of it. Students embrace an autonomy but still, teachers immerse themselves in the practice and each student’s development with so much heart. We work with our hands, this activity anything from climbing through ruins, to casting until our fingers bleed.

The structure. Second and third years work together which I’ve found to be a great arrangement. It is rigorous work. We spend 9am-3/7… okay sometimes past 12pm in studios but for me it’s never been painful! The spaces are collaborative, and when we need distractions there’s always someone around studios playing music or keen to watch twin peaks.



One of the most incredible qualities of the school is the study trip. At Aarhus Arkitektskolen each studio unit spreads over two semesters, in one of these (either Spring or Autumn) the entire class will jump on a plane and be taken to a distant location. My studio was based in Santiago de Compostela, and we together walked part of the Camino of Saint James. It was an experience I will always remember, over the two weeks I developed relationships I’ll hold immensely close. And I must mention my Australian bones fared well compared to the Danes (they’re weak!).


Travel! Of course, the study trip is not the only experience of this continent I’ve had. The Euro-accessability is still a shock. In the workshop period especially I’ve been able to book flights to countries on the day before travelling and find myself there before the sun sets. And pertinently, I’m now finishing this article so I can pack for my flight tonight to London.


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