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Exchange in Uppsala

Uppsala is the 4th biggest city in Sweden and the biggest student town, located only an hour out of the capital city Stockholm. I arrived in mid January and boy was it cold! Coming straight from the Australian summer into the middle of winter where temperatures could hit -20 was definitely an experience!

12694978_10208287880011801_546831085712420771_oI soon however fell into the exchange lifestyle and have loved every minute of it. Uppsala University has 13 Student ‘nations’ which are basically Student Clubs. I joined Snerikes nation which meant i got discounts on most Snerikes events, but it also allowed me access to all the other nations which included breakfasts, lunches, dinners, pubs, gasques, and clubs. The Nations is what gives Uppsala a buzz. There is always something fun going on, and lots of fun amazing people to share the experiences with.

I stayed at the Flogsta accommodation. Definitely the place to be for student life (though don’t expect a spotless kitchen as you will be sharing with 12 people!) There are corridor parties at least a few times a week as well as lots of pre-drinks before the clubs. You get your own big room with a desk and your own toilet so it was really perfect. Most people buy a bike for about 600 krona (approximately 100 dollars) and take a 15 minute ride into town when necessary.


Aside from partying and Fika-ing (cake and coffee which the Swedes love), there are plenty of other things to do like ice skating on the frozen lake, rock climbing, board games at the nations, trekking, football, you name it. Most students make the journey up to the town of Kiruna and/ or Abisko National Park in hope of seeing the Northern Lights, as well as riding a snow mobile and dog sledding. That was truly an amazing experience which i highly recommend!

I studied EU criminal law, and Law and Economics. My favourite part about studying was being in a class with people from all over the world. Each had their own perspectives on law and it was fascinating hearing about how the other systems worked.

I have truly loved my time here and have had some of the best months of my life. I’ve made life long friends from all over the world, and have been lucky enough to travel other parts of Europe during my study breaks, such as when i went to Spain over easter. I would encourage anyone considering exchange to take the plunge. You certainly wont regret it!


Stephen Mcloughlin – Student number: 12022556

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