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The Denmark Diaries


“Baby, you’re so hot I only need 4 layers”

13 weeks ago I was off to Denmark with one of my closest friends to find out why it’s the happiest country in the world even though it was a snuggly -8 degrees. It’s currently a warm 6 degrees but any weather is ok after I bought an amazing big fluffy coat and made 100 snow angels.

When people ask me why I chose Denmark I never really have a proper answer. The people at the exchange fair this time last year just convinced me all too well, I applied and then realised how amazing the university I was going to would be.

I am doing my exchange at DTU (Denmark’s technical university) just outside of Copenhagen (which amazingly was my first preference). While most of the other international students live down the road in bright red shipping containers, I live in a dorm with 15 Danish guys on campus (which was also amazingly my first preference with my own bathroom) with an amazing (max) 7-minute walk to class. We have free 3D printing, an aeroplane hanging down from the library and an amazing cafeteria for lunch.12009571_10207665686994622_4854026816309079448_n

Before classes started we had an introduction week where I became friends with pretty much everyone. What I’ll miss the most is walking into the gym and being able to wave at basically everyone in there. The second thing ill miss the most is being able to go literally anywhere. My first trip out of Denmark was a $2 return flight to Stockholm. Literally $2. But I also got to see so much of Denmark on an amazing two-day road trip, breaking into closed castle grounds and seeing where the north and Baltic Sea meet.


Every trip I’ve been on has been with a different bunch of amazing international students. My spring break was traveling Italy starting off in Cinque Terre, which is literally the most amazing place I have ever been (Italy also sounds like an amazing exchange country). We then went to Rome where I accidentally fell over and smashed my face but that Rome hospital experience was one in a million. After that I got to go to Amsterdam, which was so crazy and quirky then Munich this past weekend for Spring fest which was the most fun I’ve ever had (it even included crying from laughter).

Literally anywhere would be amazing for exchange just as long as you do it. It’ll be the best decision you’ll ever make and best money you’ll ever spend. Life wont be the same without it. Now it’s the last few weeks to get all my assignments done then travel for 2 months (Eastern Europe, Greece, Italy and Paris) till we have to be back at UTS for the second (and my last) sem!

Feel free to contact me about your own exchange experience and check out my instagram for AMAZE pics or my friends videos of our amazing experience.

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