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Miami University – Not the Miami you’re thinking of

To celebrate my 52nd day in America, I decided I would quickly write a blog post about my experiences so far. So as the title goes, I am currently studying at Miami University located in Ohio, NOT University of Miami, Florida. It’s a long story, so I recommend you googling it. I will be honest and say this school was placed on my preference list because it was ranked as one of the top party schools in America, (#19 on the Princeton Review list) which was my sole purpose of studying in the States.

So Ohio is pretty much cold all the damn time. Arriving here on my first day, it was -14 degrees celsius, and I nearly froze to death. Miami University, located in Oxford, Ohio is about 2 hours away from Columbus, Ohio. It’s basically a small college town where the majority of the population is made up students. As you would picture a small, college town, everything is accessible by foot which is extremely convenient. All the bars and restaurants uptown are a 10 minute walk away, while classes on campus are a 10 minute walk the other way. There is always a reason to drink every night except on Sundays because most bars are closed then, but even so, no one wants to drink 7 days a week. The party scene here is definitely a lot more fun (and cheaper) than it is in Sydney. Obviously with local bars come specials, happy hour, etc. The Greek life here is also quite big (or it just has a heavy presence) and I have so far experienced a few frat parties and normal house parties, just by putting myself out there and befriending the local students.

I live in a sorority dorm (this college is a bit weird because they force the sorority girls to live in dorms rather than allow them to have houses like the frats do) but it’s still a lot of fun, and majority of the girls are quite nice. The convenience of the location is my favorite thing about the dorms though.

In saying all of this, I haven’t JUST been partying. Even though Oxford is in the middle of nowhere, I have done a few weekend trips to Columbus, Chicago and Indiana (where I went skiing for the first time ever)!


Skiing at Perfect North Slopes in Indiana


Chicago with my roommate!

Coming to such a small town, after living in Sydney was a slight adjustment, but I honestly love it. I love that you can walk everywhere, and how all your friends are just around the corner from you. I can’t believe how quickly time has flown by and wish I had applied to study for the whole year rather than just 1 semester. This has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and everyday I am here I try to make the most of it because I know it’ll end very soon.

In 2 weeks we have Spring Break to which I will be soaking up the sun in Miami, Florida (I really need it- I am so pasty right now), and 2 weeks after that I will be back in California for COACHELLA!!!

If you’re considering going on exchange, don’t even think twice! Best decision I’ve ever made!!!

– Karen Nguyen 11747185

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    • that awkward moment when i secured a full time job before even leaving for exchange with one of the big four banks. but thanks for your consideration Nate. Oh, and thanks for “h8ing” 🙂

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