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Thailand Exchange

When everyone asked why I was going to study in Bangkok the only answer I could give was, ‘I want to try something different’. Boy I’m certainly achieving that here! I’ve been in Thailand for about 3 weeks now. Today is my third day at Chulalongkorn University and I’m starting to get used to wearing a uniform (it saves having to choose an outfit everyday!), going from the hot and humid city into really cold classrooms because they don’t seem to know how to set the temperature on the air-conditioning and I’m slowly adjusting to ‘thai time’ (10 or 15 minutes late all the time).

IMG_5498Chulalongkorn University

Before coming to Bangkok I had never travelled to Asia before so I didn’t know what to expect. Bangkok is as everyone always describes it, busy and dirty but there is so much more to it! The markets, street food stalls, temples and of course the night life! I haven’t had a chance to properly explore Bangkok yet as we had a week off uni and travelled to the islands down south.

IMG_5657Nang Yuan Island

I travelled with some of the amazing people i’ve met over the last few weeks from all over the world. We sat on night buses for hours, slept in hostels for $3 a night, lay on remote beaches on uninhabited islands, climbed mountains, explored caves, danced and laughed around a fire on the beach and the list goes on.

IMG_6240Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park

I’m really looking forward to this semester, I’m the only exchange student in most of my classes which gives me the chance to create relationships with the local students. I also can’t wait for the many more trips around Thailand to come!

IMG_6046               Mu Ko Ang Thong National Park

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  1. Hey omg that looks so amazing! This week I have to make the country decision for my exchange and this university in Bangkok is one of my options. Still trying to figure it out, so if you have any tips or experiences you want to share, please let me know!!

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