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An unforgettable summer in Thailand

It may sound like a tired cliche but I would not be who I am today in my values, attitude and beliefs without these experiences overseas and the financial support of the program to help me be immersed in them.

Having been involved overseas in Philippines and Cambodia for conference events, my time in Thailand has been by far the most deeply-grounded, inspirational and lifechanging experience. This is attributed to many reasons – the people, longevity, structure and the focus of it all being the English education and confidence development of the children (you get so attached and I’m still having ATYAP withdrawals to this day). Thank you for continuing to support the number and value of the grants to ATYAP. Angelica’s program cannot be described in words and the help provided to UTS students in them undertaking this experience is wonderful #ATYAP2015.

This video was uploaded yesterday with the following description on Youtube and shared on my Facebook timeline. While it means so much to everyone who went, I hope you enjoy it as much! I want to submit this as my vlog/recount of my experience.

The video is a snippet of what is otherwise difficult to explain in words and even then, it captures only so little of the rollercoaster of emotions of this memorable experience. Hope you enjoy!

Kob Kun Krub ~ Special thanks to my family, UTS:BUiLD, Royal Thai Government, Baan Hua Kham, Ajahns, teachers, kids, an amazing group of friends, PG, Gloy and Angelica.

Thomas Da Jose

Global Short Programs Student

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