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Winner Winner I’m a Berliner

Looming 2

Wow, Berlin. What a place. I have ended up here as a result of the endless recollections I’ve endured from friends who were lucky enough to come to this City. It seemed a no brainer.

I have been here for 2 weeks now and already I am spellbound. It seems you cannot walk 2 blocks without stumbling across amazing live music, markets, amazing food or simply some of the best people watching I have ever experienced.

Going on exchange is such an amazing experience, I’m not even a third of the way through a nine month trip yet and already I cannot remember the Sam who left Australia back in June.

I have been lucky enough to do a lot in the time before the semester started, from going to the Festival Monolith Dour, to working on a winery in the South West of Germany and hiking by myself for 3 weeks in the Swisse alps. All of these things being dreams of mine that would not have become a reality without going on exchange.

Since arriving in Berlin I have found a place to stay in the beuatiful suburb of Neükoln which has an healthy Turkish community. I am joyed to report I have become inundated in a world of cheap beers, cheap (and very tasty) kebabs and extrdordinarily liberal people. I have been to individual clubs that stay open for 72 hours and make the Kings Cross of old seem like a childrens ball pit at your local McDonalds.


My involvement in the community of Berlin is only just getting off the ground, however, I have had the opportunity already to do some volunteering. The refugee crisis is a real tricky issue troubling the whole world at the moment and Berlin could be considered an epicenter of sorts. I have recently begun helping at the Moabit processing area where hundreds of refugees are being held up whilst they wait to gain their papers for the entrance into Berlin. This opportunity is not something us as Australian citizens have access to so easily and whilst I am here I think it is fitting to get involved.

High up near Rosablanche

All in all, Berlin is amazing and to be able to say it is my home for the next 6 months brings a smile to my face.

Samuel Guy Renzaglia 11418151

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