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Mannheim, Germany!

It has been nearly 2 months in Germany since arriving for the Sumer Academy (German language course)  and there are still so many things to see and do!  With a population of 300,000 people, Mannheim is a small city (30min south of Frankfurt) located in the border between Germany and France. As you can imagine this large University makes up a large portion of the city, so students populate the downtown/city area.

Mannheim University

I arrived in early August to take an additional one month intensive course to learn Deutch. I cannot stress how much of a great job the University of Mannheim does for providing social/clubbing events, tours around Germany and extra curricular activities. It is run by a student society called VISUM and within the first month, VISUM had made it possible for me to attend 4 different cities in Germany, 2 Wine festivals and several hiking tours! I highly recommend if you have the chance, to attend the language course as you would also gain 6 ECTS and meet so many people.

So far from my experience, I have found the people in Mannheim, Germany very friendly. Since you will be spending a lot of time with other international students, I highly recommend to meet locals, you should be involved in many other student societies or every Thursday, each faculty hosts a party at the University.

Germany is cheap comparatively to Sydney, however since Germany is situated at the centre of Europe, you will definitely be travelling to other countries also! Within two months I have travelled to Spain, Italy and France.

With 3 months left I intend to make the most of this exchange trip. Mannheim isn’t a city like Berlin or Paris, but this University is considered/ranked as one of the top Business Schools in Germany, it is highly dedicated to providing a unique student experience and I highly recommend this University to any exchange students.

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