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Life in Københaven

I’m a big fan of all things Scandinavian so the choice to apply for exchange to Copenhagen was an easy one.

Københaven is one of the most beautiful cities I have visited. It’s like a scene out of a fairytale (which explains Hans Christian Anderson). I have now been here for almost two months and it really is a place with something for everyone, whether that be food, shopping, cultural events or sport (I have enjoyed all four!) I highly recommend checking out the Lousiana Museum of Modern Art, it’s an awesome gallery just outside of the city. Go on a sunny day and take a picnic!

IMG_5761 IMG_5768

I am living in an apartment in Orestad with two other foreign exchange students and a Dane just outside the city centre. I cycle in every day to the city (about 20 minutes). The city is built for bikes with bike lanes in every street. Unlike university towns, you really get the feel that this is a big cosmopolitan city, there are always new things to explore. The architecture in Copenhagen is beautiful and a bike is definitely the best way to see the city. The city is big enough so I always have something different to do but small enough to cycle around

The food is fantastic in Copenhagen, especially the fresh food markets that are right near Norreport Metro station. There is a great café scene, which will be great for the upcoming cold winter months. Whilst Copenhagen is expensive, it is manageable for Australians (we too are accustomed to expensive alcohol at least relative to the rest of Europe!).


Sweden in 30 minutes away by train, I have seen the small city of Malmö (a must-do especially if you’re here in time for the Festival) and the town of Lund is next on my list!

Coming to Københaven has been a great decision and one that I highly recommend if you are looking to come on exchange!


Lara Meers

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