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We’re not in Sydney anymore…

It seems like so long ago now, sitting on the super long flight from Sydney, all the way to Copenhagen, kids screaming, family teary faced at the airport. But after that ‘ordeal’ eventually I found myself on the other side of the world, with the sun shining and Tay Tay blasting on a local radio. Still nervous as anything I got to my accommodation, only to find out I had to pick up my key on the other side of town, off to a flying start. Thankfully they were nice enough to let me into my room for the night, where I crashed immediately, not waking until 3 am, cheers Jetlag.

So after a rocky start I eventually started at my new University for the semester, ITU, which is a very modern looking uni, located right next to a small river and not far from a very nice Kebab stall, my regular lunch of course. Once I met the other exchange students, who had come from as close as Germany and as far as the USA, settling in was easy, as everyone was keen to hang out together and explore the city and more importantly drink (of course). The city itself is beautiful, and very different to Sydney. The architecture is old, like many European cities, which gives it a very unique feel, with plenty of grand old buildings, housing libraries and Universities.

ITU itself is a very cool place, despite taking Masters level courses, quite the step up I assure you, the content is interesting and I am enjoying the Game Design courses that are not available back home. There is plenty of opportunity to interact with others, be it with lan parties, the Friday bar (which incidentally hosts some cracking parties) or through the uni organisations that are present around the uni. As it has been said before, the Danes are a quiet bunch, but get a few beers in them and you can’t shut them up. They love to have a big night out which is always a positive thing.

Overall, it has been a good first month in Copenhagen, and despite a rocky start, settling in was easy and have had no problem meeting people and having a great time.

Harry Rex



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