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Switzerland, you really are something


Grüezi from Switzerland!

I have been studying law subjects at the University of Zurich for two months, and it still feels surreal being on exchange. If I glance outside my bedroom window there is a farm. Across the road, there is a lake for swimming. It feels incredible to live in a country with such picturesque landscapes.

Living in Zurich is almost too easy. The transport system is punctual, and if you plan on going for road trips, the highways are designed well (but I still think its bizarre that everyone drives on the right side of the road!). Although people speak Swiss-German, most speak really good English, and the Swiss are always super helpful. Yes, everything is expensive but if it’s a Swiss product you can trust its quality and that it was produced ethically. The prices can also be compensated by the amazing selection of cheese, chocolate and wine. Learning the recycling system was a bit of a hurdle in the beginning. The Swiss produce the least amount of waste per capita, so once you’ve got it you’ll appreciate the system. I live in WOKO Housing at Caesar-Ritz Strasse. Its mainly exchange students so it’s always fun to go down and play ping pong and fooseball (still working on my tekkers).

Six months of exchange is really not long enough. I feel like I have seen and experienced so much, yet there is still so much more out there. I really don’t want to come home! If you have ever hesitated about going on exchange, don’t. It really will be an unforgettable experience. You will learn so much about yourself, people of all different cultures and backgrounds, and the world.

Tiffany Lau


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