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Szia from Budapest


Jo Napot Kivanok,

Simply, Budapest is an amazing city and I would recommend it to anyone wishing to travel on exchange. Firstly, the university here is very accommodating, with a large exchange program they provide constant assistance if required, as well as organising a diverse range of events to participate in, including traditional Hungarian dinners and weekly pub evening to trips to Prague, Krakow and a Croatian sailing weekend. The university classes are quite different to UTS, being a more formal, conservative style of education, which sometimes can be frustrating but is, for the most part, relaxed and enjoyable. I would definitely encourage any future students of BME to undertake the Hungarian Beginners course as it is very helpful with getting around the city, and the locals appreciate the effort.

Budapest itself is an incredibly beautiful city, especially along the Danube, with Buda Castle and the Hungarian parliament on opposite sides. The weather is pretty cold in winter, though not too bad, but during spring it is very comfortable and the city begins to open up. Budapest also has a great nightlife, and whilst some places can be too tourist-filled, there are a lot of very cool bars and ruin pubs with no shortage for choice. Ruin pubs are the unique aspect of the nightlife in Budapest and are always worth exploring. Budapest is also a very inexpensive city, when compared to Sydney, which makes living here very enjoyable. A lot of money can be saved whilst living in Budapest, creating opportunities to travel to the surrounding cities both inside and outside of Hungary. Also important to note, that the average price of a beer is 300 HUF, or $1.50. I can’t stress enough how amazing the prices of things are here!

Whilst I hadn’t originally chosen to study in Budapest, I would advise any future exchange students who are looking for a relaxed, cheap, fun city with a great nightlife and exchange program to consider Budapest.

Isaac Harrisson  11690967

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