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Some Thoughts about studying Architecture in Aarhus

There are a number of posts about Aarhus already, So I thought it would be best to share some smaller moments of life on exchange. Below are a few glimpses of what my semester has been like so far, after two months:

Ride a bike: rain, hail, shine or snow.


The weather can be quite cold, so winter gear is essential.


The facilities at the architecture school are great: you have your own studio space and digital fabrication machines: both are 24 hours access.

IMG_3056 IMG_3061

The also have Wood and Metalwork rooms:


You’re expected to work at the university from Monday to Friday. The collaborative environment provides you with a lot of opportunity to discuss your work with others.



and the scale of the town makes it easy for spontaneous group meals.


It’s a harbour town with a large port.IMG_3082

The light is very different from Sydney’s


You can pick up almost any household item on the street. The Danish have a very strong re-use culture.


And love their interior design (notice the many different chairs.)


My course involved a study trip to Paris. The ease of travel around Europe is ridiculous.




Fun Fact: The Danish have a tradition where they cover you in cinnamon if you’re not married by 25. You can patches of cinnamon sprawled around town.


And finally, the token tourist shot inside Olafur Eliason’s Rainbow Panorama overlooking Aarhus.


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