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Aarhus Universitet

Hej fra Denmark!

I am currently in my 3rd month of my exchange at Aarhus Universitet in Denmark! It seem’s to me that all Australian’s go to Aarhus, and it is no wonder why.

So far the Danish have taught me how to cycle in a busy city, drink as well as how to enjoy the strange Danish delicacies that they have!

Studying in Aarhus is definitely a different experience, from 8am classes to the 15min breaks to every hour of teaching – it definitely is a break from the UTS way of teaching. 4 hour International Law classes was my weekly Monday ritual which was a terrifying thought come Sunday night!


It’s true what they say about Danish people, they are ridiculously good looking, always look as if they are going for a night out and never seem to wear anything that is not stylish and not black! Having been almost killed twice on a bike it is also worth your while to focus on how the Danish ride and try not to lose focus!

Another thing to note is that the Danish language is seriously strange – they will try to make you say the most random ‘words’ which sound more like animal sounds! I live with 11 other Danish students who always seem to enjoy hearing my try to speak Danish!

Exchange in Aarhus has been a rewarding experience so far, the opportunity to travel is so inviting and I have indulged so far, but it has felt nice to be able to return to a place I now consider my home.


James Wells

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