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Adventures in Aarhus

Adventures in Aarhus

Moesgård Museum

For my blog I thought I would touch on a few of the characteristics of living in Aarhus and some experiences from the beginning of my time here.

Beach Windmills in Hvide Sande.

Firstly, the Arhus School of Architecture has a completely different style of teaching to UTS. We spend our time in a studio with 40 other classmates from the 2nd and 3rd year. This means you are constantly able to talk about the projects and watch as we all progress through the semester in our own unique ways. Another benefit is being in an International studio which comprises of students from Germany, Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Lithuania, Denmark and of course, Australia.

Atlantic Wall

Part of our course was to visit Western Jutland, a small town in particular called Hvide Sande. When we were there, we were able to visit the Atlantic Wall, which was an extremely odd site. Seeing giant bunkers on the beach as if washed ashore, and being able to climb in, on and through this unique piece of history. Another icon of Denmark is the mass amount of windmills dotted around the countryside, with the ones in the photo above of the beach in Hvide Sande.

Risskov Forest

Another benefit of living in Aarhus is the cycling culture. After buying your cheap rusty 2nd hand bike you can weave through the cobbled streets of the city centre and ride to university on the many dedicated bike lanes throughout the city, where well dressed Danes zip past you in apparent ease. There is also a great national bike network which will take you out of the city, around the coast and into the Danish countryside.

Aarhus-ians also love to run, every day. No matter what time it is (and how cold and wet it is) you will find the citizens running through the forest and around the streets. In line with their healthy lifestyle Danes also love to make bread, and are very good at it. Every week I wake up to the smell of my roommates baking fresh bread.  Being in another country also has the obvious language barriers, and although my roommates are doing the best in teaching me the useful phrases like ordering a beer, grocery shopping can take a surprisingly long time as you hope that you actually bought the right type of flour.

Aarhus Harbour from Dokk1 (Under Construction)

All in all, I have loved living in Aarhus, and would highly recommend exchange foranyone considering it. After enjoying such a nice lifestyle and meeting so many new friends it might be harder than I thought to return home.

Ashley Jenkins

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