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Life in Switzerland


When people think of Switzerland, assuming it is not confused with Sweden, they think of chocolate, cheese and banking secrets. Having been lucky enough to find myself abroad in Zurich, I have discovered there’s more to this small, mountainous country than the stereotypes imply.

Switzerland’s unrelenting natural beauty allows for a myriad of opportunities for sight-seeing and exploring the natural environment. I have taken every opportunity available to go skiing, which doubles as a chance to see the mountainous regions of the country. The breathtaking views from the ski stations peppered across the alps often leave me wondering if I’m dreaming. In the ski resort of St. Moritz, for example, you can easily enjoy a day of endless pistes and a coffee at three thousand metres, before hitting the small bars and pubs to meet cool, interesting people from all over the world.

I decided to live in student housing and it’s a great way to meet people and enhance your experience no matter where you decide to go on exchange. There’s a bunch of awesome people from a range of nationalities who are lots of fun and always keen to party. A typical night sees us drinking into the early hours of the morning as a group or heading into the city to enjoy loads of awesome clubs. The nightlife in and around Zurich is incredible.

I’d recommend for anyone who is considering a semester abroad to make it a reality. Exchange provides a unique, potentially once in a lifetime opportunity to make memories which you will never forget!

-Josh Blick

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