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An Australian in Shanghai: First Impressions

China may not be high on the lists of many students considering exchange, but I think/hope that will soon change. I’m a UTS final-year MBA student who has just arrived in Shanghai. I thought I’d give some initial thoughts on the city and hopefully inspire fellow UTS students to consider China as a Global Exchange destination!

Why you should consider China:
– It’s now the world’s largest economy, having recently taken over the USA
– It’s Australia’s largest trading partner
– It’s an amazing country to visit, a unique contrast of traditional values and history with rapidly developing technology and consumerism.
– There are opportunities through UTS and the Australian Government to receive support (OS loan support as well as scholarship programs).
There are challenges, as with any country. Shanghai and Beijing are extremely crowded cities, and require some patience (particularly on the metro!). There are some language challenges but overall you can comfortably survive with English: the city has a large and supportive expat community. There are also chances to study Mandarin while you’re here.
I’ve already met a great group of friends here, am enjoying the first weeks of University, the travel, day- and night-life!
I’ll be back to update after a few more weeks at Uni (I’m studying at Tongji University, not far from downtown Shanghai). Always happy to answer any questions potential exchange students might have, you can reply to the post or contact Raffaela Costa in the International Office for my contact details.
Andrew Demetriou 


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