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Exchange in Sweden 2014 – The Start

Triangeln Entrance foyer_KTH ArkitekturskolanKTH architecture school

After travelling around Europe (so exhausted) I have finally arrived in Sweden and have officially begun my 6 months of exchange at the KTH School of Architecture. It has been a rough week getting acquainted, setting up my room and organizing all the student based stuff, but its naturally slowing down and I am starting to ease into university life.

So far I have found the Swedes and the many other worldly exchange students to be incredibly kind and accommodating and I have to say the Swedish language is quite beautiful, it is spoken like a song, in a way. The nature of university work in Sweden is not that much different from back home at UTS and the people are just as motivated and willing to produce good work and the students have created a learning environment that helps that, so getting to know new people and making friends has not been hard, even at these early stages.

Its pretty amazing how similar we all are, regardless of our differences. I really hope that I can, in my break times, travel around this beautiful country, meet tons of new people and really delve into their culture.

I can’t wait to tackle the next 6 months and create a lasting and worthwhile set of memories and experiences.

Anthony Dakhoul
Masters of Architecture, UTS

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