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Mannheim University – Rebecca Tarbert

I have now survived my first week of university. The lectures weren’t all too different from those back home although none of my classes have any assignments, just one final exam with a weighting of 100%. ATM I think thats great because It takes the stress away and means I can enjoy the semester abroad, but I think ill be very panicked when it comes down to exam time. I also went to my first organised party this week, the Welcome Party put on by the student group VISUM, the theme was raise your flag so everyone wore their nations flag as a cape which I though was cool, I spotted only two other aussies. Below are two photos, one is of me and some friends at the welcome party, the other is a photo of me at the main entrance to my university.


2014-09-02-23-20-01-10-VisumRaiseYourFlag-CHS IMG_2393

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