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Welcome to Linkoping ja!

After 7 weeks of travelling throughout Europe – my body and wallet are finally ready to settle back down – and what better place to kick back and unwind than the lovely town of Linkoping.

I just moved into my student housing today and have gotten friendly with my corridor buddies over some coffee & biscuits which is called Fika(more that just a coffe break, but a way of life). The housing itself is really high quality – its very spacious, close to everything and has ridiculously fast internet.

The orientation program at LIU was really helpful and made it clear that there is a big focus on student life here outside of class. Loads of social events & outing are regularly organised, for both exchange students & regular students, allowing you to meet all kinds of people. The student association also organises trips abroad which was a really nice surprise – I’ll be going to the very north of Sweden to a place called Lapland in November where you get to ride snow mobiles, dog sleds and do all the cool stuff people do in really cold places!

It’s also really awesome that Linkoping has a ton of students – there is an entire suburb next to the university which only consists of student housing so meeting people here is really easy as everyone is around the same age.

My short time here has been awesome already – I cant wait for this journey to unfold!!

(winter is coming….)

Nima Zafari – 11397837

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