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Uppsala: Where the Bikes do Roll

Exchange was always a concept far off in the back of our minds. It was this exciting opportunity that we’d been planning for basically our whole university careers, a treat of sorts to celebrate an end to another era in our lives. After two and a half years of planning and six months working hard at our internships we were all set to go. With a few tears, hugs and many, many farewells we were off.

2014-07-30 20.15.04


With a good two weeks before orientation festivities began at Uppsala, Sweden, we were able to travel throughout Europe. The ability to travel from country to country in a matter of hours never ceased to amaze us. Trying to squeeze in as many sights, countries and food as we could on our journeys we managed to visit:




2014-07-17 15.44.36


2014-07-23 12.29.35








After all our travelling we were finally in Stockholm, Sweden, just a little outside our final destination. We explored the city visiting old town, the palace and applied for our residency cards.

2014-07-31 16.57.31 2014-07-31 17.28.29

One day and a fifty minute train ride later we were finally in Uppsala.

2014-08-01 13.14.142014-08-29 12.15.32

Meeting new friends, learning to co-habitate with other students, getting friendly with our new bikes and learning swedish has already been a massive and intense journey. We’re anxious for the semester to begin. Wish us luck.

Irene De Lara – 11380488

Miranda Lin – 11379260

James Barclay –ย 11393131

Jonnie Walker –ย 11380235

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