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Discovering Toronto

I’ve now been in Toronto for 3 days and its exceeded my expectations, I love the place.

First up, it’s surprisingly warm – my thermals won’t need to come out for another month or more at least. Yesterday a group of us went to Sugar Beach, which is really a lake with dark sand but it was super relaxing.


Toronto is a really cool city with lots of cultural diversity, I feel it’s a mini New York. It’s flat so it’s easy to get around and many people bike ride. There is a 28 km underground walkway called the Path that links the city and will be very handy when it get cold outside. I’m excited to discover different parts of the city like Chinatown, Toronto Islands, etc.

Ryerson University is located in the middle of downtown with lots of shops and places to eat nearby. It’s like UTS but with more university spirit. The staff have been really supportive of international students and RISExC has organised lots of social events (like a Niagara Falls trip next month), which I’m looking forward to. I start classes on Tuesday and I’m interested in the differences there may be between Canadian and Australian learning.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time organising my room and buying pillows, sheets etc (I recommend Honest Ed’s – a huge store that although a little overwhelming, sells absolutely everything at cheap prices).


The stereotype is true: Canadians are the nicest people on Earth. Everyone from the bus driver to the shop assistant is helpful and friendly. I’ve met quite a few Australians here along with other students from The Netherlands, Spain, France and more and I know global friendships will be formed.

I’ve still got lots more to see such as TIFF, a Blue Jays game and weekend trip to Montreal. I can’t wait!


Jennifer Wong



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