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Tilburg, The Netherlands

Have had quite an full-on start to my exchange trip here in Tilburg, and by that I mean full-on in the socialising department! Since I arrived 6 days ago there has been a party every night and the orientation week here (TOP week) is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Kind of similar to uni games for those who have been, except longer and it’s all about beer!

The accommodation here is called “Verbs” (Professor Verbeneelan) and all of the exchange students live here. It’s right on campus and is great fun with 17 people on a floor (there’s 6 floors and 5 buildings) and always someone interesting and new to chat to at any time of the day. The rooms are also really spacious and new – much better than expected for student accommodation! My bedroom was even decorated with clogs!

Over the  first few days of TOP week they gave us a tour of the city centre which is about a 10 minute bike from uni/home. I’d heard Tilburg was a small town, but the city centre is bigger than expected with heaps of shops and bars and cafes to explore. And everything is about bikes here, it’s basically impossible to exist without one and we ride to and from the bars/parties every night which is interesting for some of us less than experienced Aussies (particularly the way home)!

But i’d have to say the highlight so far would have to have been the beercantus! Which is basically like Oktoberfest, where 3000 students gather in a big beer hall, sing a song (english and dutch ones), drink beer, sing a song, drink beer… etc. Bit of a party theme going at the moment – apparently next week when classes start there is less drinking and more uni-ing once TOP week is over (but we’ll have to wait and see)!


Claudia Kernan

bikebeercantus room uni

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