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-Milano- Italy-

Okay Milan. Wow, I can’t even describe it. It has been one of the most amazing cities I have come across pretty sure. You tell people you are going and their response, “err there is only Duomo and spaghetti…” or they think you have changed your communications degree to fashion… mmm.



But boy there is so so so much more to this place. I think the greatest thing so far about this place is it’s a mix of the most beautiful people, with anyone and everyone from everywhere. You meet people from Sicily to Naples to Verona who are all here to study, work or explore. I honestly just tried to talk to anyone I could in the first few weeks even if it is in a heap of broken English they will persist to try talk to you through a heap of hand actions and a couple of good laughs. My lonesome self would literally walk into a show and just try say anything to the person at the desk. After about two weeks I managed to befriend a few people, have a few fun dinners and then with their help I began to see SO much more.

I think this is the main thing about this city, that it’s more the lifestyle of the city itself that makes it amazing. Everyone is so friendly and they want to be able to help you in anyway you can and show you the things you have no idea about. Do whatever you can to meet people and do everything and say yes to everything, you will honestly see so much more. Of course they have all the Italian qualities of the love, passion, food, humor and history, but Milan just seems to have this extra touch of something I can’t put my finger on. One thing I will agree on is majority do dress immaculately, from the old ladies leaving there houses in coats and hats to the grudge models you have to speak up to. The people that ask you for money still manage to own a decent pair of leather shoes. So far I witnessed the week of fashion week managing to sneak into a few happens and now currently racing from classes to explore design week, with free entry into most displays, free museums and good cheap music about. They really know how to have a good time no matter what the situation is and are purely great company.


Another thing that is perfect about this place is it’s central Europe so you can really go most in Europe under 100 euros if you keep your eyes on skyscanner. But then again don’t run away to a new country every weekend otherwise you never really lived in Milan and will not know it’s real ins and outs. Do day trips around Italy as well. There are so many little gems around. Get sun in Lake Como, check out Genova and Cinque Terre, Dolomites and Verona. I want to really explore some of the south in the next few months. Over the rest of my stay i plan am planning on travelling a little more as the summer picks up and visit some friends places around Europe. In my two months so far I have seen so much I would have never expected to see and yes again met so many amazing people national and international. So I will continue to try get my pasta al dante, fingers crossed I’m fluent in Italian when I’m back and for now I’ll be eating cake with an espresso in Via Vigevano Naviglio. Ciao ciao.


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