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San Francisco Exchange

A word of warning – if you choose to study in San Francisco you wont want to go home. The last 3 months have been possibly the best of my life. The people, the experiences and the city have been nothing short of amazing.

I am living in the sunset district which is mostly covered by fog but on the odd day you might just see the sunset and it’s amazing. I am living with 3 of the nicest people I have ever met and we are all Internationals (Argentina, France and France) at SFSU.

If I could give any words of advise, if you are thinking about choosing San Francisco or even a semester of exchange – just do it.

Yesterday night I got back from a week of Spring Break which was awesome. We travelled in a group of around 20 international students and road tripped around the West Coast. We went from Santa Barbara to LA to Lake Havasu to the Grand Canyon and finally to Vegas.

With only 60 days left in San Francisco I am not looking forward to leaving and it’s safe to say that I will definitely be coming back.


James Little




Global Exchange, US

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