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Exchange In Norwich, England



Having been here for almost 3 months I can safely say they have been some of the best of my life so far! I always wanted to go on exchange but never could have imagined how many special memories would be made on the other side of the world, and I’m barely halfway through my trip! I’m on exchange in Norwich, England which is 2 hours north-east of London. It is quaint and gorgeous while still maintaining the allure of decent sized city with beautiful history, great food and drink and a welcoming and relaxed vibe. The University of East Anglia is brilliant, a 20 minute bus ride to town and set on a beautiful lake. Having never lived on campus for University before I was initially overwhelmed with excitement in how much of a cool little bubble it is with so many fun things going on and the prospect of a nightclub and bar on campus was extremely enticing! I have made so many friendships here so far with both English students and internationals, of which many I know will be life-long and exciting travel plans have been made together around England and Europe which has enhanced this experience even more. It really is an eye opening experience and I feel like my perspectives and desire to travel and try new things has been greatly impacted for the better. I absolutely love the people here and I will be so sad to leave! Would definitely recommend UEA in Norwich for exchange as I can honestly say I’ve had the most fantastic time imaginable!

Amelia Heyward


Global Exchange, UK

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